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Buy Porhormones Powder Online  Hexadrone

Hexadrone (6-alpha-chloro-andro-4-ene-17 beta-ol-3-one) is not a curse, but a 6 carbon halogenated anabolic steroid marketed as a prohormone before it can be banned. It does not convert to estrogen so aromatase has no effect, as this makes it dry it is excellent for lean mass gains, recomposition, and cutting alike.

Hexadrone Function:

Unlike the other steroids falsely marketed as prohormones, this one is non-methylated. Apparently the chlorine bound to the sixth carbon stops cytochrome p450 from chewing it up, and it does not need a methyl group bound to carbon 17 to protect it from the first pass liver metabolism. Since it is NOT a prohormone and is infact an active steroid it would be smarter to make this sublingual since it doesn’t need to be activated by the liver.

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